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Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Society Dark Sites


One of our current dark sites is the Lake LaMotte Observatory, which is located 5 miles north of Fredericktown. From north (Farmington) or south (Fredericktown) take Hwy OO to County Rd 217. Go one mile on 217 and turn left onto Henke Lake Rd. Go one mile bearing left all the way around the lake to the far east side. When you have passed the picket fence on the left you will see a small parking area on the left. This site is in use many clear nights and occasional group viewings. If you would like to come out for a viewing with Denny just get in touch to set-up a time.

Light pollution is a serious problem for astronomers! One of Madison County's greatest assets is the lack of light pollution. In fact, much of the county rates as a green zone or better which translates into very dark skies. Even in a small town like Fredericktown many of the beautiful objects of the night sky are hidden from view. Venture out of town five miles or more though and you'll be treated to an entirely different view of the skies. With each mile away from town you'll see more stars pop into view. Just five miles away and you can easily pick out the Andromeda Galaxy with just your eyes. The disk of our Milky Way Galaxy also comes into clear view and is quite a sight when viewed in the black of unpolluted skies. Join us!

We are fortunate to have a dark sky viewing site located on private land 5 miles north of town. If you are interested in joining us for one of our public viewings keep an eye on our front page for the next scheduled viewing.

Other sites will be listed as they become available.