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Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Events Calendar

Upcoming Events and Viewings

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Open viewing session at our dark site at Lake La Motte. Viewings begin at sunset and run for 2 hours. Remember that a public viewing sessions are usually scheduled for Friday or Saturday nights when skies are clear. Check the calendar above for confirmed viewings. We have a few basic requests/guidelines to observe while you are at the public viewing.

A new outreach program! EOAS will be doing a series of monthly presentations at the Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library. We'll be planning for the third or fourth Thursday of each month depending on availability. The first two are scheduled for April 25th and May 23rd. If you have any particular areas of interest that you would like to see explored let us know. If you have an area of knowledge that you would like to share by facilitating one of our presentations, let us know.