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Welcome to the Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Society

Interested in exploring the Universe with a crew of interesting amateur astronomers? Live in or near Madison County Missouri? Come aboard and have a look around!

  1. Provided we have clear weather we have a weekly viewing open to all. The days are somewhat flexible though usually Thursday - Saturday is likely. We will post here a day or so in advance to let you know about a public viewing.
  2. It is almost guaranteed that any clear night of the week I am usually out with a telescope and anyone is welcome to swing by.
  3. We have an 8" dobsonian telescope that is being made into a co-op telescope which will be used for star parties off site as well as available for check-out for your personal use. If you are interested in buying a share let us know. Check-out time has yet to be determined.
  4. Workshops. During our viewing sessions we're going to offer informal workshops for those that want a little structure and are interested in doing more than just viewing. Topics covered:
    • Navigate the night sky via star hopping to specific objects.
    • Learn the basics of the science of what's being viewed. For example, what is the difference between a planetary nebula and a star forming nebula?
    • Work towards one of the Astronomical League certificates. This is sort of like a merit badge which basically means you find a group of objects on a list and take notes of your date viewed. A good starting point is the Messier certificate.
  5. Star Parties! We're planning to do a series of public outreach events. Probably 5 a year. These would take place off site, probably at a school, winery or other venue. We're looking for contacts at clubs/scouting groups/etc. If you know of a group that would be interested in hosting such a star party please feel free to send them to this page or have them get in touch with me (Denny) at info@easternozarksastronomy.org.
  6. Cloudy? Many weeks we have cloudy weather for many days in a row and so we often meet at the Loft do discuss a variety of astronomy or science related topics.