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Welcome to the Eastern Ozarks Astronomical Society

Image by Russ Middleton.

Kaleesha Williams at our outreach table at
the Azalea Festival in Fredericktown.

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Interested in exploring the Universe with a crew of interesting amateur astronomers? Live in or near Madison County Missouri? Come aboard and have a look around!

  1. Provided we have clear weather we have a weekly viewing open to all. The days are somewhat flexible though usually Thursday - Saturday is likely. We will post here a day or so in advance to let you know about a public viewing.
  2. It is almost guaranteed that any clear night of the week I am usually out with a telescope and anyone is welcome to swing by.
  3. We have an 8" dobsonian telescope that is being made into a co-op telescope which will be used for star parties off site as well as available for check-out for your personal use. If you are interested in buying a share let us know. Check-out time has yet to be determined.
  4. Workshops. During our viewing sessions we're going to offer informal workshops for those that want a little structure and are interested in doing more than just viewing. Topics covered:
    • Navigate the night sky via star hopping to specific objects.
    • Learn the basics of the science of what's being viewed. For example, what is the difference between a planetary nebula and a star forming nebula?
    • Work towards one of the Astronomical League certificates. This is sort of like a merit badge which basically means you find a group of objects on a list and take notes of your date viewed. A good starting point is the Messier certificate.
  5. Star Parties! We're planning to do a series of public outreach events. Probably 5 a year. These would take place off site, probably at a school, winery or other venue. We're looking for contacts at clubs/scouting groups/etc. If you know of a group that would be interested in hosting such a star party please feel free to send them to this page or or send us a message.
  6. Cloudy? Many weeks we have cloudy weather for many days in a row and so we often meet at the Loft do discuss a variety of astronomy or science related topics.

Upcoming Events and Viewings

Open viewing session at our dark site at Lake La Motte. Viewings begin at sunset and run for 2 hours. Remember that a public viewing sessions are usually scheduled for Friday or Saturday nights when skies are clear. Check the calendar above for confirmed viewings. We have a few basic requests/guidelines to observe while you are at the public viewing.

A new outreach program! EOAS is doing a series of monthly presentations at the Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library. The presentations are usually held on the second Thursday of the month depending on availability. If you have any particular areas of interest that you would like to see explored let us know. If you have an area of knowledge that you would like to share by facilitating one of our presentations, let us know.

Join us on December 15th for a star party at the Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library. Come out and learn with us!

Future events and viewings are listed on our Events Calendar.

In the sky now

Want to know more about upcoming astronomical events such as comets and meteor showers? Check out our new page, In the sky now.